Sunday, 16 May 2010

1/7 St Peter's

I was so excited the first evening I arrived in Rome I left my travelling companion settling into the hostel while I went out simply to capture a glimpse of St Peters.

The first picture on this slide is taken in the dead of night the atmosphere was so peaceful it was a wonderful introduction to Rome and provided me with a gentle realisation that I had actually arrived.

After my seek preview I went back early the next morning for a proper look. I found myself at St Peters on a couple of occasions during my brief stay in Rome and I would suggest that it is best to arrive early before the crowds. Despite the Vatican’s best efforts once the crowds have arrived and begin touring it distracts from the fact that you are visiting a building which primary function is a church. Arrive early however and you can witness the side altars alive with priests saying Mass, knee at the confessio to recite the creed without fear of being trampled and kiss the toe of St Peters statue without concerning yourself with people trying to take pictures. I found it makes for a more spiritual experience.

Once you have completed your devotions however, it is only natural to want to explore. The building is so vast and busy it can easily overwhelm the senses and I would highly recommend purchasing a good guidebook or renting the audio guide and taking your time.