Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lego Church

I like to buy the girls toys that encourage creative playing as this type of playing benefits young children greatly. For example it encourages them to use their imagination. So for Christmas I decided to buy them some lego.

Lego up to this point had been thought of as a boys toy and consequently they had never really played with it. As I did not want to go for anything I did not think they would like, such as themed lego I decided to go for one of the medium sized generic boxes with lots of different shapes, colours and sizes. There were no instructions as such just pictures on the box large enough for you to be able to copy.

When they unwrapped the lego on Christmas day they were very pleased with it and started playing with it immediately. They decided to build a basic house, but it did not go too well as they simply placed one brick on top of the other without overlapping them and so the house easily fell apart.

Now lego was one of my favourite toys as a young child, I could play with it for hours on end and build almost anything I set my mind too. So I decided to sit myself down on the carpet and teach them a thing or two, just to get them started. However I got a little carried away with having too much fun myself and built myself... you guest it a lego church:

Complete with church gate, graveyard, war memorial and landscaping

and my piece de la resistance... inside the church itself a tabernacle.



Anonymous said...

Love it! I must admit we bought it for the boys..but you got me thinking!

zetor said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. Enjoyed reading your posts. I will add you to my blog list.