Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Catholic Clothing

I was browsing the Internet today for a gift for a Catholic friend of mine among my finds were some Catholic T shirts here are just a few I really liked (each comes with its own explanation which I think is perhaps a little unnecessary for most but thought I would include it under each T shirt just in case).

There a three distinct persons in one God. The Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Three-In-One. Get it?

Jesus gave the keys to Peter and the Catholic Church started. Protestant denominations can trace their origins to Luther or Calvin or Zwingli. None but Catholicism has an unbroken line of succession all the way back to St. Peter, the first Pope. Thats the reason why the tagline reads "Can't beat the real thing" It was also a tagline for Coke a while back and the particular font used.

It is perhaps a little difficult to read the small print so I have include a large pictures of the whole text below:

Just in case anybody is interested the website I found these on is crazy tees.

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Rob said...

Thanks for the post, I really liked the Trinity one. Here are some that I designed.