Saturday, 12 September 2009

Taking Inspiration from Catholic Mom of 10

After enjoying my visit to St Andrew's Church (Rugby) on Thursday I was rather disappointed on Friday when I realised many of the other churches in my area were out of reach if you did not have your own transport.

Having pretty much resided myself to spending the day around the house I was working my way down my blog list when I came across Jackie Parkes blog Catholic Mom of 10 Militant and an idea came to me. I could ride, I had often read about Jackie's ventures on her bicycle and so I went about equipping myself out with what I would need for my little adventure.

I no longer owned a bicycle myself so I found out my dad's old bike and checked the tyres they were good and the chain looked OK, so I packed a small backpack with drinks and a snack for when I reached my destination.

I knew exactly where I wanted to go. St Edith's Church in the village of Monks Kirby according to the Heritage Open Days Website it was going to be open from 9 til 5 so I had plenty of time to get there and the weather looked good.

Being resourceful I decided to Google Map where I was going and print it off to take with me. This is when I discovered just how adventurous my little plan was.

Firstly I could tell from my knowledge of the area that if Google was going to have its way I would be cycling through a ford which I knew only the toughest of tractors can get through so that would involve me taking a slight detour through some fields where I knew there was a bridge.

Secondly I noticed the distance and time. It was a 12 mile around trip and walking was estimated to take 2 hours one way. Now fortunately for me riding a bicycle, well is a bit like riding a bicycle, its something you never forget which was a good job because I was struggling to remember when I had last done so.

Not to let it deter me I just thought there is no rush and I can take it at my own pace and off I went a. So there I was a 'sensibly built girl' about to take on a 12 mile bicycle ride to visit a church in the middle of rural England having not ridden a bicycle in a very long time.

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