Tuesday, 15 June 2010

3/7 St Sebastian's

I must admit I was initially disappointed when I entered the church of St Sebastian. Having been to St Peter's and St Paul's and knowing little about the Seven Church Pilgrimage I had expected something on a grander scale than what lay before me.
A short flip through my guides however revealed to me the spiritual significance of the place, especially for any individual fond of St Philip at it was in St Sebastian's Catacombs on Pentecost in 1544 while deep in prayer the St Philip became aware of the action of the Holy Spirit in the fire of his love, which he could feel localised in his heart. The experience resulted in his heart actually enlarging to the extent that his ribs were forced outward. It was also known to palpitate violently on occasions and emitted a great deal of warmth.

When I was there it was late in the day and I was fortunate enough to be the only English person their and so as given my own private tour which was wonderful. Upon seeing my enthusiasm the lovely gentleman added additional interesting pieces of information was happy to answer all my questions and we even took a moment to stand silently in prayer.

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