Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Embarrassing Church Stories

Just wondering if anyone has any embarrassing/funny stories they would be willing to share about something that happened during, before or after Mass.

As I am asking, I will go first:

Children seem to have a way of embarrassing you when you least expect it. I went to church on Saturday once for confession with the children. The youngest at 6 runs to the back of the church to see which priest it is. The oldest at 9 wants to know as she has a favorite priest to whom she likes to confess. She shouts "Which one it is?" and the youngest who is know standing just outside the confessional door shouts back "I DON’T KNOW! IT'S THE OLD ONE!". At that point we were the only people in the church, he most certainly heard what she shouted and I just wanted the floor to eat me up!!!


Fiorella said...

I have put my collection of embarrassing stories on my blog ;-) http://monstrousregimentofwomen.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

I have one like Fiorella's. When I was about 14 I was at an early communion service - still in C of E then and there was this kind of rumour that you should fast - never any clear direction in the C of E! Well, I was fasting - couldn't eat breakfast that early anyway, rushed up to the church but felt faint kneeling at the altar (kneeling - those were the days!). Woke up to find myself being carried, like a corpse - legs swinging, down the very long aisle by two strong men! All I could think of was were my stocking tops on display to the congregation! (I don't think so - I've always dressed modestly.)

The other moment was during a very quiet part of Mass. My youngest had obviously been going through my handbag while I prayed and had found - how shall I put this discreetly - a feminine item with a sticky strip on the back. She peeled off the sticky bit, stuck it on her knee and announced in ringing tones, "Look Mummy, I've got a plaster on my poorly knee!"

The pew was rocking with silent mirth - but I wanted the floor to open up.

Catherine said...

I think the best stories are about what children do in their innocence to embarress their parents.