Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My Home Altar in response to Mrs Pogle’s Request

Mrs Pogle author of 'Life on the Home Front' today writes about and requests to see other peoples 'Home Altars' so I dedicate this post to her.

I live alone in an attic apartment and my 'Home Altar' is the centre piece of my living room situated in front of the chimmely breast. The portable Mass set I purchased with money my parents gave me to commemorate my reception into the Church during Easter last year. I purchased it off e bay and it arrived in a very poor state my father who had opened the parcel at the time as I was away at university painstakingly and carefully restored it for me.

The statue of Our Lady on the right was also a gift I received for my reception into the Church and The photograph to the left resting behind the Mass set is a close up of John Henry Cardinal Newman’s Reliquary at the Birmingham Oratory.

I also have another smaller 'Home Altar' below the window in my living room where I have a framed tapestry of the nativity and keep my bible and prayer books.


Jane said...

Another good read is Alain De Botton's "The Architecture of Happiness". While he calls himself secular he has a very healthy "Catholic" appreciation of architecture.

I agree with your response to many modern church designs. I'm often speechless too; however my facial expressions usually give me away!

Mrs.Pogle said...

That is so lovely, Catherine, and thanks for sharing it with me :) I ove the simplicity of your Mary statue...I really do like white porcelain!
Thanks for visiting me,
Blessings to you today...
Mrs.P xx