Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Parents

Although not people of faith themselves my parents were able to bring me up in such a way that my mind remained open to the possible of a God. If this had not been the case then there is no doubt in my mind that I would have never been able to except the gift of faith that God offers me. Although they struggle to understand my faith they are happy for me because they see that it makes me happy and in their own special way they do little things to show me this. These little things my parents do for me make them very special people and I lovely them both dearly. Below are but two examples:

On the eve of my reception into the Catholic Church realising it was a very important occasion for me but not knowing what to purchase in order to commemorate the occasion they gave me some money which I use to purchase a crucifix from e-bay. The crucifix was not photographed very well and actually turned out to be a portable Mass set which was a lovely surprise however, it was also in a very poor state which was a bit of a disappoint. I was away from home at university when it arrived in the post and my father had opened it for me. Upon realising the state it was in he painstakingly and carefully restored it for me even though the piece held no importance for him other than it was a gift for me.
Also recently my mother went on holiday aboard. It was a package holiday and included a lot of activities and not much time to complete them in but, upon seeing a church she took the effort to go inside and light a candle for me. This gesture meant little to hear other than she knew that it would make me very happy indeed.

(Top photograph features the Mass set my father restored for me)

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