Thursday, 14 May 2009

Morning and Evening Prayer - The Excitement and the Confusion

The exciting part is that today, finally I managed to acquire a Morning and Evening Prayer Book (with Night Prayers). I have been wanting to take up this practice for a little while now but have not had the money spare to purchase the book. Fortunately for me when I happened to mention in passing to a friend that I was having this difficulty she said she had just such a book going spare and would happily let is go to a good home for a fair price.

So here it is my new pride and joy:

My confusion however, is that I don't actually now how to use it, doh! My friend did run through it very quickly when she gave it me but I was still lost when I came to looking at it by myself and so have purchased the trusty CTS Guide. During the discovery of my faith I have found CTS books a fantastic resource and have acquired myself quite a little collection.

The back cover reads:

A beginner’s guide to praying the Liturgy of the Hours

This Guide is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to pray ‘The Prayer of the Church’, also known as the ‘Divine Office’, ‘Liturgy of Hours’ or ‘Breviary’. Promoted by the Church as a Prayer for the whole People of God (not only for religious or ordained), this Guide gets down to the basics of how to use the breviary itself, as well as suggesting how to pray well. It is intended for beginners, whether sharing in community or praying the hours alone. It can be used as a self-tutorial or a workbook for a small group. It will be of value for most English speaking editions of the
breviary, or its smaller editions.
Although I am finding it easy read and I do understand it I am still nonetheless struggling to master the prayer book and think I am going to have to find some time to go bother some other poor soul so they can actually go through it with me. I have never found it easy to follow written instructions and think having someone actually sit through it with me will help. I do feel a little frustrated however as it is going to have to wait till I get a day free from university commitments.

Until such a time I plan to battle on and see what I can manage by myself.


Catherine said...

Elizabeth thank you for your wonderfully supportive comments unfortunatly being new to bloogging I accidently rejects all the posts I recieved today but just wanted to left you now I appeciate your thoughts while you complete your night prayers.

Catherine said...

Elizabeth if you do see my reply to your comment please post some small comment if you have a blog yourself so I can follow the link to you blog through your name thanks

Anonymous said...

Small comment as requested!

AnthroPax said...

I've found that attaching spare medals of saints etc to the ribbons, the extra weight makes them sit across the pages better, and makes it less likely that I'll loose my place!

If you pick them up when you visit somewhere (Walsingham etc), or are given one by a friend, keeping them on your Brievary gives you a nice reminder whenever you use it.


Liturgeist said...

It's easy enough to use once you get the hang of it - works just like the missal.

You have the proper of seasons in the front (stuff that changes with time of year - Advent, Easter etc.)

Then the stuff for each day of the week

Then the propers and commons of saints (stuff for each saint - day of the year - and for groups of saints - confessors, martyrs etc.)

In the case of the 1vol Morning and Evening Prayer, I think I remember Compline for every day being after the Morning and Evening prayers for Sunday-Saturday (i.e. after the main psalter) in a separate section.

The only hard bit is figuring out how much you are supposed to use from each section... and then, making sure you use it every day because otherwise you have to set up all the markers again!

Catherine said...

Liturgeist - I have a rather embarressing confession to make. I am not entirely sure how even to use a missal. Not entirely sure why I have not learnt coming to think of it either.

I suppose I went to Mass for a whole year before receiving instruction and just always use the Mass sheet provided.

And now I know the prayers and responses I don't even use that as I prefer to listen and watch or simply listen and pray with my eyes closed. I think it is because I have never been very good at reading and trying to pay attention to anything else at the same time so find it easier to engage in the Mass without it.

No doubt mothers and fathers teach there children and it gets passed on by one generation to the next and perhaps because of this it simply never occured to the priest to teach me when I was receiving instruction (and I never asked either).

I do own and old 1962 missal for when I attend the latin Mass i usually just read the readings etc before the beginning of Mass and then put it to one side or I just end up getting fustrated when I loose my place.

perhaps it is about time i learnt!!!

Leslie Lim said...

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