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Evangelium Conference 2009

Berenike has very kindly made me aware of the Evangelium Conference 2009. Usually I am a little hesitant when I hear of events aimed purposely at the ‘youth’ as I have had some terrible experiences in the past when organisers of such events have tried to capture the attention of today’s youth (more about this in another post sometime). However the aim, programme, list of speakers and positive comments I have found while reading about this event have me thinking very differently in this case. Unfortunately my university schedule means that I am not sure yet whether I will be able to attend myself nonetheless this does not stop me promoting it to other people hence this post.

Explaining the Catholic Faith in the Modern World

7th – 9th August 2009, The Reading Oratory School

Download Booking Form (PDF)

Young adults (18 to 35) are invited to attend the second Evangelium weekend residential conference on ways of explaining the Catholic faith in the modern world. The Conference is organised by the Evangelium Project and is being sponsored by the Catholic Truth Society.
  • dynamic talks by excellent speakers
  • mix with other young people who share your faith
  • discuss and talk informally with our speakers
  • daily Mass and eucharistic adoration
  • opportunities for confession
  • relax in the beautiful grounds
  • opportunities for sport and evening entertainment

Some of our speakers:

  • David Quinn - journalist, former editor of The Irish Catholic and founder of the Iona Institute
  • Fr Brian Harrison - theologian, writer and associate editor of 'Living Tradition'
  • Dr Helen Watt - director, Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics, London
  • Fr Timothy Finigan - parish priest and founder of the Association of Priests for the Gospel of Life
  • Fr Nicholas Schofield - author and diocesan archivist, Westminster
  • Joanna Bogle - broadcaster, writer, author of Feasts and Seasons
  • Dr Thomas Pink - philosopher, King's College, London
  • Fiorella Nash - writer and pro-life campaigner
  • Fr Jerome Bertram - author and historian
  • Fr Thomas Crean OP - author of A Catholic Replies to Professor Dawkins
  • Dr James Bogle - barrister, vice-chairman of the Catholic Union
  • Fr Andrew Pinsent - philosopher, former particle physicist at CERN

There will be more than twenty workshops to choose from over the two days of the Conference, led by experts in philosophy, theology, biblical studies, science, apologetics, teaching and communication.

There will also be an opportunity to learn more about music in the liturgy, in a workshop led by the Schola Gregoriana

The Venue:

The Reading Oratory School was founded under the supervision of John Henry, later Cardinal Newman, in 1859, and is today one of the top independent boys' schools in the United Kingdom.


Standard accommodation (full board): £95

Download Booking Form (PDF)

Spaces are limited to 180 guests, so please book early.

For more information or to reserve a place, call 07526 908741, or, or write to Evangelium, PO Box 28, Tenby SA69 9ZB

Praise for the first EVANGELIUM Weekend Conference - held summer 2008:

The best weekend of my life. It was really an answer to prayer. Before I could say, “Lord, I love you and accept the Church,” now I can say, “Lord I love you and I love your Church.”

All of our talks, discussions etc. were permeated by prayer. I'm leaving here rejuvenated both in my own faith and feel more equipped in sharing the riches of the Catholic faith. Please hold another conference next year.

Thank you very, very much - it has been priceless - I would love to come again! God bless you for organising this!

The high point for me was the way Holy Mass was celebrated. So much love and reverence.

Very high quality of speakers - fluent, full of interest and humour, and orthodox. A fine mix of people, all from different background but with an implicit unity of approach to their faith. Very encouraging and inspiring.

It gave me the inspiration and encouragement to challenge myself more, to dive deeper in searching my vocation and courage to be more outward about defending my faith.

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